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Fulton J Series

Tubeless Vertical Steam Boiler

The AGL Fulton 15J vertical Steam Boiler is a two pass tubeless design. The forced draught burner delivers a cyclonic flame down the length of the furnace which then passes through to the second pass over the convection fins which are welded the full length of the pressure vessel. The forced draught burner is specifically designed as an integral part of the boiler and is fully matched to the heat output and combustion chamber design. Fulton vertical tubeless boilers offer efficiencies up to 80%, and can be ordered with LPG, natural gas, oil or dual fuel capabilities with low emissions burners (gas only). All Fulton boilers are completely trimmed, packaged boilers. No additional fuel train items or electrical wiring is needed.


  •     Simple, durable and reliable
  •     Low maintenance
  •     High efficiencies, high performance
  •     Wide range of sizes from 96 kg/hour to 960 kg/hour
  •     Small footprint, compact design
  •     Skid mounted for convenient turnkey supply or trouble free plug and play




F3 Fumagalli Power 85 G85TWIN


  • Max steam pressure 5-8 bar
  • Volume 55 L
  • 2 Installable pumps
  • 140-200Kg
  • Dimensions: 754x973x950
Fagor Heat Pump PDF Download

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