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The family brand DERVAL comprises our range of liquid detergents and wash-power boosters. All of our liquid products are characterized by the highest possible concentration of active ingredients and low consumption quantities. Furthermore, our detergents and washing auxiliaries do not contain phosphates, perborates, APEO and NTA and are therefore particularly eco-compatible.


Whether it be powder detergents or liquid detergents, the Kreussler washing systems have a modular design for the benefit of professional users. The selection of the washing components and the dosing that has been individually adapted for the washing programme offer the user maximal flexibility. With only very few detergents, the entire spectrum of the textiles to be washed can be covered. This is highly effcient, economical and protects the environment!


The DERVAL product range comprises detergency enhancers, pure detergents and coloured detergents.


Wash Power Boosters

Wash-power boosters are detergents with a high content of surfactants that are typically combined with alkaline detergents in the washing process during which the wash-power boosters are the surfactant component so that the selection of the Wash-power boosters is a decisive factor for the cleaning effect.


Wash-power boosters are foam-inhibited, highly concentrated detergents with washing temperatures that have been optimized for the practical conditions. The specification of our wash-power boosters even goes one step further. The products are tailored specifically to the particularities of the textile and/or to the expected soiling.


Wash-power boosters for blue work clothing have been optimized for the removal of pigments and mineral oil dirt. Other wash-power boosters with the application focus on white work clothing have been optimized for the removal of vegetable oils or fats and contain appropriate brightener systems for the work clothing. Wash-power boosters for protective clothing have been developed for low washing temperatures and contain polymers that protect the fibres of the sensitive protective clothing.







Single-shot Detergent

Single-shot detergents are alkaline to highly alkaline concentrated detergents that provide the alkalinity required for the washing process. Industrial laundry operations use soft water.


DERVAL single-shot detergents have been adapted to meet the requirements of industrial laundries. If a water softening system is not available, additional OTTALIN products must be dosed into the washing process to complex the water hardness.


With DERVAL single-shot detergents, the washing alkalinity is provided immediately. Single-shot detergents also contain dispersants, surfactant systems and optical brighteners as well as auxiliary agents and fragrances. They do not contain bleach, are the backbone of the commercial laundry industry and are used in the prewash and main wash zone.






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