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Union S.p.A is based in Bologna, Italy. Since 1976, Union has always been recognised in the industry as the benchmark by which other manufacturer's machines are judged.


Union's leadership is evident in the field of research and development of new products and processes. It is most evident in the machinery production phase. All company functions are undertaken by dedicated skilled managers and a creative industrial team using the most sophisticated facilities – resulting in a state of the art product.


The vast and modern company infrastructure of the Union organisation includes CAD/CAM planning offices, R&D centres, and a production complex furnished with the most modern technology such as automated laser cutting and welding equipment, and a meticulous assembly plant and testing facility. Their in-house technical support and training centre is at constant readiness to support the worldwide distributor network.


Union's commitment to the quality and reliability of their products is based on a self-sufficient structure. More than 80% of components used in Union machines are manufactured within the organisation. Every component produced is tested and certified to ensure the highest quality.


Today Union dry cleaning machines are seen in 75 countries around the world, and supported by 275 authorised distributors.


Union is aware of the responsibilities this primacy imposes upon them, so with total commitment to their products and constant attention to detail, they will help your business to move ahead in quality and profit by ensuring that their products are manufactured to the finest possible standard.


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