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Since 1993, hydrocarbon solvents have been used as a substitute for CFC. They are suited for cleaning normally soiled outerwear, sensitive textiles and leather. They have proven themselves as a perc-free alternative and have ecological advantages over perchloroethylene. The cleaning effect is considerably lower than that of perchloroethylene, and the spotting expenditure is usually higher.




Pre-brushing agents for solvents

Dirt should be removed gently and effectively without the fabric being worn out. Our prebrushing agents are mild as well as effective and stand out by their extremely low application quantities. They have furthermore been optimized with regard to occupational safety and environment protection.







Dry Cleaning Detergent

Drycleaning detergents increase the effectiveness of the solvent and enhance the removal of dirt. Textiles are given a pleasant and full handle, electrostatic charging is diminished reliably and foreign smells are neutralized. Whether for perc, hydrocarbon solvent, cyclosiloxane D5, liquid carbon dioxide or SOLVONK4 – our drycleaning detergents guarantee the optimal cleaning and care of the textiles.







Proofing / Finishing for solvents

Many textiles require proofing after they have been cared to re-establish their performance characteristics. Our products comply with the special requirements of the materials and have been precisely tailored to meet the process conditions.







Leather auxiliaries for solvents

The professional care of leather textiles with natural, moisturising substances ensures the conservation of the clothing. The natural product leather remains soft, supple and flexible and regains its brilliance.







Solvent Care

A cleaning process can meet the high requirements of the cleaner only if the solvent as well is in an optimal state, i.e. free of removed dirt (fat, pigments, colorants etc.) and of their decomposition products (e.g. fatty acids and their oxidation products). Our care products ensure that the characteristics of the solvent are preserved.








Prenett ABC

PRENETT A-B-C are designated ONLY for application in solvent cleaning. They do not contain halogenated hydrocarbons.


Suitable for all fibres and dyes where the wet colourfastness in water is in accordance with normal textile care standards. In the case of direct dyes on cotton and silk and in all cases where there are any doubts, it is advisable to test the colourfastness before stain removing.









Range of spotting agents for professional users in textile cleaning. Stains usually consist of several components. For the complete removal of stains, it may sometimes be necessary to apply several products in a well-balanced combination. For more information, please refer to the DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL stain table and to the Kreussler brochure "Spotting".


The range of DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL spotting agents offers a very wide performance spectrum for removing typical stains and has been designed for professional users. The application ranges of the DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL products range have been classified by the Kreussler colour code and are reflected analogously in the PRENETT A, B, C range of prespotting products.


For prespotting in drycleaning, PRENETT A, B, C are the stain removers that can be used universally regardless of the applied solvent. For prespotting in wetcleaning, use DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL.


For postspotting, use only DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL since the products -1, -2 and -3 treat 80% - 90% of all stains successfully. For special demands that exceed this, the products -4, -5 and -6 are reliable problem solvers.



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