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The family brand LANADOL comprises our range of wet cleaning products that offer an excellent cleaning effect in combination with brilliant colours, scented freshness, skin-friendly handle and high level of safety for sensitive materials and sophisticated items. Wet cleaning is the most ecological and healthy kind of textile care.


The wet cleaning technology with the specifically designed LANADOL products offers many advantages:


    Perfect cleaning results.

    Brilliant colours.

    Scented freshness.

    Best textile and fibre conservation.

    Best protection against shrinking, felting and discolouring.

    Skin-sympathetic handle.

    Lower costs.

    Textile care without solvent.

    Improvement of the customer acceptance of commercial textile care.

    The most ecological alternative to dry cleaning and household laundry!

    Improvement of the competitiveness of textiles cleaners compared with household textile care.

    Extended range of services for customers.

    Customers have more time and a better quality of life.

    Preservation of locations close to customers for textile cleaning operations.

    Low consumption of water, energy and cleaning agents.

    Shorter batch times.

    Lower purchase and maintenance costs.


We have developed the LANADOL range of products for the care of non-washable outerwear made of silk and wool or furs and leathers in the professional textile cleaning industry.


The surfactants used are particularly mild and protect the sensitive laundry during the wet cleaning process and during the drying phase. All LANADOL products have been dermatologically tested.


The wet cleaning process itself is performed in a slightly acidic to pH neutral medium. The colourings are protected against bleeding and colour transfer by efficient colour protection additives. The LANADOL products have been optimized to application temperatures from cold to 40°C. Enzymes allow the removal of dirt with little mechanical washing action. Dispersants and several auxiliary agents provide brilliant colours as well as fresh scent and give the wet cleaned textiles a pleasant handle. For increased hygiene requirements, e.g. for non-washable clothing in a domestic environment, the textiles can be disinfected in accordance to accepted European standards.

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