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The family brand OTTALIN comprises our range of laundry auxiliary agents for bleaching and disinfecting, complexing water hardness, removing smells from textiles, reducing oxygen for the further use of the service water, auxiliary agents for giving the laundry a skin-friendly pH value but also laundry posttreatment agents, e.g. softeners, liquid starch and acidification agents.



OTTALIN FINISH and OTTALIN ODX are finishing agents for the post-treatment of the washed laundry.


OTTALIN FINISH is a liquid starch for finishing table linen or shirts. The product improves the wrinkle recovery, gives the textiles the desired handle and improves the degree of whiteness. OTTALIN FINISH is dosed into the finishing bath as starch. Liquid starches have the advantage that the product can be used immediately without further preparations.







OTTALIN ODX removes all kinds of unpleasant smells in the finishing bath and gives the laundry smoothness, easy-finish characteristics and a fresh scent. This effect must not be confused with that of a laundry softener: OTTALIN ODX makes the laundry smooth but not soft. OTTALIN ODX is dosed into the final rinsing bath as odour absorber and laundry smoothing agent. Do not use OTTALIN ODX in the finishing bath together with OTTALIN SOFT.





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