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Stain Removal


Beverage Stain Remover

BonGo removes virtually all beverage stains except milk (for milk stains use QwikGo). BonGo is easy to use and exceptionally safe for use on delicate colours and fabrics.


Size: 0.355L

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Protein Stain Remover

QwikGo removes food, blood and milk stains. QwikGo is easy to use and is exceptionally safe for use on delicate colours and fabrics.


Size: 0.355L

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Dye Remover

YellowGo recovers dye-stained fabrics by removing unwanted dye.  Results on whites are excellent.  On colours, you have nothing more to lose and everything to gain by trying YellowGo.  YellowGo may take out the colour you want to keep.  But if it removes the unwanted dye without damaging the underlying colour, you win!  You won’t have to pay for the damaged goods and you won’t disappoint your customers.


YellowGo can also be used to remove the last traces of ink and many other residual stains.


YellowGo is a Titanium Sulphate based reducing bleach, and is packaged in Gallons and Quarts.


Note: YellowGo often throws a sediment that can be found in the bottom of the bottle.  This material is responsible for stabilizing YellowGo while it is still in its bottle.  These stabilizers work equally well while in solution or as a sediment.  Having this sediment fall out of solution does not damage the YellowGo in any way.


Size: 0.946L

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Alternative Oily Stain Remover

TarGo EF is tougher than ever on stains, yet as easy as ever on the environment.  And it flushes freely in Perc, Hydrocarbon, GreenEarth® or K4.


TarGo EF, our high performance, environmentally friendly P.O.G., removes oil-based stains from textiles.  You’ll see the difference on the toughest oxidized oils, greases, inks, etc.


To remove stains easily, simply apply TarGo EF and flush the stain out in your major-solvent drycleaning wheel. On the most difficult stains, TarGo EF can be used effectively on the spotting board.


Size: 0.475L

Bulk - 3.875L

Fagor Heat Pump PDF Download
Fagor Heat Pump PDF Download


Spray Spotter (Use with Perc, Hydrocarbon, GreenEarth and K4)

New "G"Go quickly penetrates fabric to release ground-in soil, collar and cuff stains, perspiration, etc. Simply spray soiled areas before drycleaning. No waiting required. “G”Go flushes freely in GreenEarth… stains and soil disappear right in the wheel.


And “G”Go is environmentally friendly. It’s soy based, biodegradable, non-combustible and California VOC and Prop-65 compliant. Just spray it on and dryclean it out.

Removing stains and ground-in soil is as easy as 1 – 2 - “G”!


Size: 0.946L

Bulk - 3.785L

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