What are boilers for?

When we talk about laundry services, we usually think about detergent, washing machines, or dryers. We don’t typically think about steam boilers. But this machine actually serves as one of the key operators in large-scale laundry businesses. Let’s talk about one of the least noticed aspects of laundry services—what are steam boilers for?

Water Heating Process

Laundry works with a huge amount of water, and steam boilers are used to heat up those that are used for washing machines. The steam needed for a laundry increases depending on the amount of clothes processed in a given time. Steam boilers are very essential in large-scale laundry businesses because without them, it will be difficult to generate sufficient hot water to wash huge amounts of laundry.

Drying Clothes

Yes, we use steam to process the water that washes the clothes and the machine that dries them. Hot air works for drying clothes, but steam drying reduces the production of wrinkles in a wide range of fabric types. Steam drying also helps in producing better smell for the washed clothes than what hot air does. Purchasing steam boilers is also worth every penny as it can be multipurpose. If you’ve invested in one, you can maximize its uses by utilizing the steam to dry clothes and obtain better results for your laundry services.

Ironing and Pressing Clothes

You can now conclude that steam boilers are all-around assets in laundry services because aside from taking part in the water heating and steam drying, they are also essential in most laundry businesses that make use of special equipment like iron and presses. This equipment requires a huge amount of steam to operate and iron clothes. Boilers are essential in powering this equipment with the right amount of steam to enable mass pressing of clothes.

How to pick the right laundry boiler for your business

With all these functions, what are recommended laundry steam boilers?

The answer depends on the laundry business, but there are gas-type, diesel-type, and electric-type steam boilers.

Clean output production and high thermal efficiency is the specialty of gas-type steam boilers, making it suitable for businesses who can incorporate natural gas pipelines or gas supplies to power the machine. Advantages of using gas-type steam boilers include 50% cut in production cost as it produces steam 5 times faster than an elective stove. Aside from this, it does not generate black smoke, bad smell, and harm to the environment.

If your laundry business has ample space for diesel storage, you can go for the boiler that is low cost and powered by widely distributed fuel. Diesel-type boilers is made of a boiler tube for safety. It saves 70% cost in producing the same steam output as gas-type, and 50% if using petroleum gas.

Electric-type steam boilers on the other hand, are safe and easy to use and have less harmful effects to the environment. Electric-type boilers have safe connections of electric components which are resistant to high temperatures.