Dry Cleaning

Spencer Systems distributes only the most trusted brands in a wide range of products for dry cleaning. From liquid detergents, spotting agents, to partners for care in leathers and furs, Spencer Systems offers all the top players for professional textile cleaning.

What is dry cleaning?

With the absence of water in the process, dry cleaning in the laundry is born. Instead of water and detergent, this process makes use of a liquid solvent to wash off dirt from clothes. Thanks to Jean Baptiste Jolly who introduced the usage of liquid solvent in 1855, dry cleaning is now one of the best options for laundry care.
Despite the absence of water, dry cleaning still wets the clothes. But unlike in the usual laundry method, fibers are not exposed to water for a long period of time. This eliminates the chance of the clothes to swell and fade their colors.

How do dry cleaners work? Advanced machines controlled by computers do the work for liquid solvent-based laundry. Unlike the usual laundry method that drains the clothes in the soiled water of a washing machine, dry cleaning involves re-circulation of solvent to remove impurities. This happens via filters throughout the process of dry cleaning.

Aside from maintaining compact and rich colored fibers, dry cleaning also involves pressing as the final step of the process. There is specialized equipment used to press the washed clothes that have gone through dry cleaning. The finishing process may not be the same for all dry cleaning businesses, but it usually includes steaming and pressing. Steaming is acts to straighten out the wrinkles and enhance the cleaning of the clothes by killing bacteria and taking out the remaining water-soluble materials. Pressing, on the other hand, is the final step that produces smooth results on the clothes unmatched by home ironing.

Why should you dry clean?

If you’re still hesitant about trying dry cleaning for your clothes, here’s a list of top three advantages that may convince you to leave behind the usual laundry process:

Longer life for your clothes

As mentioned above, dry cleaning preserves the fiber and color of the clothes. If you often wear your clothes, dry cleaning ensures that they do not wear out quickly. With the dry cleaning process involving liquid solvent and pressing, there is a greater chance for clothes to maintain their vibrant colors and top quality.

A perfect process for removing stain and odor

Mishaps can happen anytime, and our clothes are not safe from any of them. Don’t give or throw away your clothes if you think they continue to have the undesirable smell and persistent stains. Instead, consider dry cleaning and trust the expert-based process for the revival of your garments.

Big machines do the big work

If you often struggle with how you can wash large items at home, dry cleaners are present to lift your worries. Laundry machines may not have enough space for sofa covers, rugs, and curtains, which can force you to hand wash them (and that’s a whole lot of work!). Save energy and quality of your delicate and large items by choosing the dry cleaning process.