Ironing is an essential step for clothes before you can wear them. Despite the existence of wrinkle-free fabric, some clothes will still be needing straightening out—and that’s where ironing comes into the scene.

Spencer Systems offers a roster of ironing tools and accessories from quality brands. From steam irons to ironing tables, iron covers, and steam hoses, Spencer Systems got it in-store to help you boost your laundry business operations.

What are ironing tools and accessories?

Steam Irons

Steam irons or hand irons are the traditional tools used to straighten out clothes. It is a compact model with a built-in water tank used by steam to relax the fabric and wipe out wrinkles and creases. For steam irons, the ability to remove creases are more powerful if the steam output is higher.

Ironing Boards

The most common type of ironing boards are the ones with adjustable metal X-legs. It is advisable to buy adjustable models that allow comfort in ironing whether sitting or standing. When standing, the ideal height of the ironing board is at hip level for ease of use. A variety of ironing boards is available in the market; some have iron rests to avoid damaging the cover, and some come with racks for hanging clothes.

Ironing board pads and covers

Before the use of metal for ironing boards, wood is traditionally used. Either of these materials requires the use of thick cotton padding to cover the board and lessen overheating from beneath. Pad covers also help prevent wrinkling, with some designed with non-stick coatings to offer easier creation of starch or sizing clean-up. There are also ironing board fasteners available, which help the cover to be tight and in place, ensuring wrinkle-free ironing. These metal fasteners are elastic strips and often included as a package along with ironing board pads. Check out our puff iron cover # 1 and puff iron cover # 2.

Iron Cleaner and Iron Sticks

Ironing is done best when irons press the clothes smoothly. However, the build-up of starch, scorch, and other residues can affect iron performance. Iron cleaners and iron sticks are designed to keep irons free of any form of residue. Ez-Off cleaners are industrial products that can be used daily in households. It can be used in removing fusible, iron-on interfacings, trims, burned-on synthetics, and coatings caused by too much starch and detergent build-up. Iron cleaning sticks on the other hand, is a special cleaning pen responsible for the soleplate of irons. It cleans and descales all easy-glide sole plates as it increases the capacity of the iron to run through fabrics smoothly.

Steam Hose

Iron steam hose is suitable for conveying saturated steam or superheated water not higher than 148°C. It has good flexibility, high heat resistance, and an aesthetic appearance. Iron steam hose improves work efficiency compared to the rubber-made hose. It is easily bent and 30% lighter than other hoses making it more convenient to use. The iron steam hose also exceeds the hose made of natural rubber in terms of service life as it lasts three times longer. Check out our premium iron hose and Wrap-A-Hose Steam Hose cover to protect your arms from burns caused by a steam hose.