Shirt Machines

Common shirt finishing is accomplished if the garment has a neatly pressed collar, flat-pressed shoulder and armhole seams, wrinkle-free hem, and at-pressed pockets. But shirt finishing differs with a formal dress since the latter may require a tunnel finisher which uses a more advanced level of technology. How do we know which technology is best fit for laundry finishing?

There are levels of technology used for laundry finishing. Steam irons with vacuum tables fall under the basic level of technology. It is the oldest and most used method in finishing shirts because its design is intended for effortless functioning but excellent finish. Steam irons vary in unique functions such as digital temperature control and detachable heater elements. One of the key features of steam irons is its production of hot steam at high pressure and temperature which works to remove wrinkles effortlessly.

For the intermediate level of technology, there is the buck press. Buck presses are designed for shaped garments which are not suitable for flat surface ironing. It enables fast and superior quality pressing with less work needed. Buck presses for dress shirts are categorized based on the apparel section such as shoulder, sleeve, or collar, which identifies the form and utility of the buck. Describing the buck to be used is assembled by a typical buck press system to press different parts of a dress shirt.

Intermediate level of technology for laundry finishing includes work-cycle elements of steam bag form finishers that do not have timers. The main features of this form finisher are the locking devices for body, back, shoulders, sleeves and sides. It also has automatic clamps that can be adjusted depending on the height, and side tensioning that automatically adjusts the temperature of air blowing through the turning and translating front plate. A superb work of pneumatic sleeve tensioners lies in its ability to finish cuffs without leaving traces. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) enables the functions of this machine to work. However, it can also be manually operated to achieve the best finish depending on the type of fabric and conditions of a garment. Aside from operating advantages, it is also equipped to lessen fixing and drying time through a high-powered hot-air fan. Steam bag form finishers are proven to increase productivity with its high-performing functions.

In the highest level of technology lies the steam tunnel finishers. It does not employ the application of pressure to the garments but rather, works in reducing the pressure during the handling process. Steam tunnel finishers are suited for man-made fibres and blends. It processes the garments by mounting it on hangers and feeding it under automatic control in a motorised rail cabinet. The cabinet on a motorised rail passes through sections of superheated steam and dries the garments by air blowing. Estimated high output from steam tunnel finishers is up to 3000 garments per hour, which can be achieved through consistent superior quality.