Spencer Systems brings you the most environment-friendly kind of textile care with Lanadol! We distribute Lanadol AVANT, Lanadol ABAC, Lanadol AKTIV, Lanadol APRET, Lanadol X-PRESS, and Lanadol LICKER.

Lanadol AVANT is a pre-brushing agent for manual treatment of extreme dirts on collars, general pigment dirt, and others similar to it. To ensure removal of food residue, skin fats, and make-up stains, AVANT has cold-active enzymes and a surfactant formulation optimized for this function.

Lanadol AKTIV on the other hand, is a wet cleaning product that has mild surfactants for the gentle care of wool, silk, and other sensitive textiles.

In the process of finishing and pleasant grip production for the outwear, Lanadol APRET protects the fibers of the sensitive textiles.

Lanadol LICKER is a wet cleaning additive to the finishing bath of leathers and furs. It gives original suppleness and maintains rich and deep colours for leathers. Lanadol ABAC, on the other hand, disinfects textile in the process of rinsing cycle.

Lanadol can take care of sensitive materials like wool, silk, acetate or cashmere, or sophisticated and elaborate clothing that needs extra care. If you are looking for an environment-friendly product for your textile that needs special treatment, don’t hesitate to check Lanadol from our shop!