Heat Pump – up to – 23kg

The new FAGOR INDUSTRIAL dryers arrive in the market as a real revolution on the drying process. The new developments in our machines allow a much higher efficiency than our previous models and make them the most technologically advanced dryers in the market. All our dryers have as standard the frequency inverter, which allows a very efficient control of the machine and reverse drum action in all models, even in basic and ECONOMIC-LINE range. We would outline those that are intended to achieve a better use of energy and reduce the drying times: a new humidity control sensor,new system on intelligent dry (iDry), double door glass, smart air recirculation (Green Flow System), thermal insulation. Other existing options would be the stainless steel body, low pressure steam batteries, etc. To complete the wide range, FAGOR offers the new stack dryers (two drums) and heat pump dryers.

Fagor presents their range of “High Efficiency” tumble dryers with the greatest energy savings. The new Heat Pump tumble dryers represent a revolution as they offer around a 60% of energy saving. Their technology makes them also ideal to be installed in places without access to the exterior of the building, also for the self-service sector, and their design simplifies considerably their installation.

Main Features:

● Panels in grey skinplate, look stainless steel.

● Digital Control

● Stainless steel drum

● Auto-reverse Drum

● Bigger lint filter

● 100% recovered air

● No exhaustion instillation required

● Electric consumption reduced in 50 – 75 %

● iDry System

● Integrated Fire Extinguishing System (FC System)

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Available sizes: 10kg, 15kg, 21kg

Fagor Heat Pump