High Extract – hard mount – up to 25kg

The Fagor LR series is designed for those professionals who need a machine with top performance at a competitive price, or who need a hard mounted machine, like self-service laundries or ships. Fagor industrial fast spin washers (G factor= 200) stand out for their high levels of water extraction, very low noise level and vibration-free operation. These heavy-duty models allow a minimum energetic cost with the help of an efficient programming and the imbalance control through the frequency inverter. Their strong tubular construction and long-lasting components make these machines of the utmost reliability.

The Fagor LR series washers come standard with:

● 4.3″ TOUCH PLUS touch screen control

● Stainless steel top, front and side panels

● Efficient mix water inlets

● Advanced out of balance control

● Three water inlets

● Ozone ready

● Wet cleaning ready

● Optimized drum for increased mechanical action and lower water consumption

● Optimal consumption system for reducing water and chemical consumption

● Available with steam, electric or non heating models

● Four compartment manual soap dispenser

● Six signals for liquid detergent injections system

The Fagor LR series is available with the following options:

● Second drain for water recycling systems

Fagor Medium Extract 200G PDF DownloadFagor Medium Extract 200G
Fagor Washers Brochure

Fagor Medium Extract 200G
Available sizes: 10kg, 13kg, 18kg, 25kg