High Extract – soft mount – up to 120kg

Especially designed for those laundries where the quality of the process and the energy and water saving are a priority.

The new Fagor industrial high spin washer extractors offer a top performance and a renovated look to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Its advanced design and technology, together with its wide range of options and accessories, have an important effect on the energetic efficiency and on water and chemicals saving, reducing its production costs and increasing the business productivity. This type of high spin washer extractors (G-Factor: 450) drastically reduce the residual moisture after the washing process, thus allowing important savings in the process that follows such as drying and ironing. The simple and quick installation and the minimum space required for its use and maintenance are a key advantage compared to other ranges.

The Fagor LA series washers come standard with:

● 7″ TOUCH PLUS touch screen control

● Efficient mix water inlets

● Advanced out of balance control

● Three water inlets

● Ozone ready

● Wet cleaning ready

● Optimized drum for increased mechanical action and lower water consumption

● Optimal consumption system for reducing water and chemical consumption

● Available with steam, electric or non heating models

● Four compartment manual soap dispenser

● Eight signals for liquid detergent injections system

The Fagor LA series is available with the following options:

● Automatic weighing system that adjusts water and chemicals automatically each load

● Second drain for water recycling systems

● Forward and rear tilting