Hydrob Easydry – 10kg (Liquid) Waterproofing Agent for Wet Cleaning

Water and oil proofing agent for waterproofing and stain protective finishing of textiles. Effective at low drying temperature.

  • Prevents water, oil and other liquids from penetrating the textiles.

  • Because it is relatively stable against mechanical and chemical influences the effect is permanent.

  • Particularly suitable for first time finishing or refinishing of sportswear and rainwear, protective clothing in industries, rescue services and fire brigades and for stain protection on outer clothing.

  • Becomes active at textile temperatures of 40 °C at the end of the drying period. Good beading effect and water pressure resistance and chemical protection (Type IV DIN 32763) starting at 60 °C.

  • Breathability and water vapor transport of the textiles are not influenced by the finishing.

  • Free of PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (Perfluoroctane sulfonate).

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