Business forged with passion and dedication

John Hays, the principal of the business, has been operating in the industry for over 55 years.

As a partner of Hays & Meyer Electrical Services he had 25 years of experience specialising in servicing dry cleaning and laundry equipment.

From 1991 John Hays also operated Spencer Spares, a dedicated spare parts business, predominately specialising in spare parts for Spencer equipment. Then in 1999, when long time business partner Dennis Meyer retired, Spencer Systems was founded as an amalgamation of Hays & Meyer Electrical Services and Spencer Spares.

Today Spencer Systems is continuing to grow, increasing its range of new equipment, spare parts and consumables.

Constantly researching the latest technology and best quality products in the market, they are at the forefront of the industry. Spencer Systems is now one of the largest suppliers of dry cleaning equipment in Australia, with customers across all states.

Spencer Systems is renowned for its dedication to their service and technical abilities as they know that after sales service is one of the most important things to look for when purchasing new equipment.


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