Wet Cleaning

Advantage of Wet Cleaning for Garment Care

Wet Cleaning is an alternative to dry cleaning and other commercial laundry cleaning processes that utilises water to clean clothes and fibrers. It is an environmentally friendly way to clean clothes and is gentle enough to work on garments with flocking and transfers that would otherwise be too sensitive to clean using other methods. Especially those garments which cannot be dry cleaned.

Integration into Existing Laundry Systems

Wet cleaning programmes can be integrated into existing modern washing/spinning machines. Existing drum driers are equipped with moisture sensors so only the finishing process needs to be amended. Trouser toppers, form finishers and pressing tables are often all that needs to be added to the range of laundry style cleaners. In Australia, this equipment can be sourced from Spencer Systems.

Dependant on existing models in the range of machines an existing laundry service has, there may need to be the purchase of machines that can accommodate the wet cleaning products.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

No expensive chemicals, easy disposal of waste, less energy expenditures and low maintenance makes wet cleaning a desirable approach in our fast paced world.

High-performance detergent for dry clean only items

High-performance detergent for hand wash items

Fibre-protection agent

Prespotting agent

Leather oiling agent

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