Fulton is an American multi-national collection of companies headquartered in Pulaski, New York, USA. They research, engineer, manufacture, and support premier heat transfer equipment for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Today Fulton employs more than 650 people in facilities across five countries, serving as an industry leader of emerging heat technologies for more than 70 years


Fulton was founded by Lewis Palm, a pioneer in the engineering of steam equipment for the laundry and dry-cleaning markets. One afternoon in 1947, when Lewis was managing the Sunlight Laundry of Fulton, NY, the plant’s steam boiler failed. This event inspired him to reimagine the boiler’s design.

He had the idea to vertically orient the boiler, creating a smaller footprint and modifying the design to make it more reliable. Lewis invented the Vertical Tubeless Boiler in a small garage next to his home, and upon the receipt of his first sale, he tied the boiler to the trunk of his car and drove it hundreds of miles from New York to Michigan.

Within just a few short years, this same boiler would become the most popular model on the market for dry cleaners and launderers nationally. The highly-skilled staff who fabricated Fulton boilers were ingenuity experts, producing an extraordinarily high number of boilers annually – approximately 2,000 – in an era before high-tech tools and technology were implemented to streamline production.

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