Barbanti M465

Tensioning form finisher for finishing garments such as coats, (jackets, overcoats, ladies’ clothing in any fabric and size).
Also ideal for garments washed in water since it can tighten the fabric and the stitching again in all directions, returning the garment to its original shape.
User-friendly for operators, fast, programmable work cycle, optimal finish.
The bust rotates 180° to allow the operator to check and finish the garment being finished without moving.


M-461 M-465 M-467

Height adjustable shoulder on oil cylinder to guarantee precise, uniform stability and tension;
Superheater to always have dry steam without dripping water that could damage the garment;
Pneumatic, adjustable side clamps to tighten garments during the finishing phase;
Clamp pressure adjustment
Automatic bust rise stop possible via photocell;
Adjustable shoulders to improve adaptation to garment shape.

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