Barbanti Shirt Machine – M-494

The Barbanti M-494 represents the latest evolution of our highly valued shirt finisher. Thanks to an over 30-year-long experience in this kind of machine, it has become even more productive and performing.

Being in constant search for perfection, we have reached the highest union among high hourly productivity, perfect finishing quality and energy saving.

The innovative, patented and improved technologies applied on the 494 have brought further enhancements, with consequent multiple advantages, both economic and of use




The optimal heat flow control allows faster drying and a flawless finishing quality, eliminating almost completely the need for touch-ups even on the most critical areas, such as seams and multiple layers. The real high productivity of over 40 wet shirts per hour allows lower cost operation and faster recovery of the initial investment from the beginning, even without qualified staff.

The optimal control of the heat flow and its temperature during the finishing process  are the key and decisive elements to obtain the best finishing result, in terms of quality and quantity of the finished product. The constant upgrades made by Barbanti over the years have allowed the machine to achieve the best finishing performances available on the market today and, as a result, to also guarantee considerable energy savings during machine operation

New Barbanti touch-screen computer, with user-friendly and straightforward software, with multiple combinations for the control of functions, piece counter, customizable programs, statistics, diagnostic, machine data sharing, production and productivity, set-up for stand-by function. Interconnection facility with CB SMART.

The adjustable oblique sleeve arms, moving on bearing slides and carriages, give a uniform and delicate tension for any kind of fabric, eliminating any possible wrinkles. Perfect adaptability to garments with the adjustable shoulders and the performing shape of the bust. The front clamps hold the shirt more stably and perfectly tension the garment, even in case of very creased shirts

Maximum space and greater positioning convenience. Even more ergonomic. The simple garment positioning and the machine ease of use ensure the achievement of excellent results from the beginning, even without qualified staff.

The comfortable foot pedals to open and close the shoulder extensions allow the operator to work with hands free, to check the garment and possibly intervene promptly for a perfect positioning. Height-adjustable machine, suitable for any operator, with reduced overall dimensions to get through a 90 cm wide door and adjustable pedal support, according to the required height.

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