Fagor SR-2-18 TP2 ADVANCED

The Fagor dryer SR-2-18 TP2 – ADVANCE range of dryers comes with:

  • Capacity
    • 20:1 – 16.5kg
    • 18:1 – 18kg
  • 7″ Touch screen control
  • Cool down cycle
  • Anti wrinkle system
  • Easy clean lint filter
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Mixed flow (axial and radial air flow)
  • Reversing drum
  • Gas heated
  • KARE fire safety system (gas dryers)
  • Optimized soft touch drum design
  • 2 years labour warranty
  • 2 years parts warranty
  • 5 years parts only on bearings, seals, main frame
  • Made in Europe

Touch Plus Control

A new fully programmable microprocessor with 20 preset programmes that can be modified during operation, and the option to create, export and import new programmes (USB). The Advance Plus range includes a 7-inch touchscreen that is very intuitive and easy to use, 37 available languages and a USB port for software updates. The touchscreens on Kare dryers offer an innovative use that will increase income prospects for self-service laundries and also for individuals….advertising.


FagorKonnect is our new iOT solution for connected Laundry. A multi-platform and flexible cloud-based application that allows you to manage your laundry from your pocket. No matter the number of machines you have, this solution offers you several practical possibilities. Control the status of your equipment to see if they are on standby, running, offline, reserved or if they have any error. You can also see the location of the different devices. From the point of view of Technical Service, FagorKonnect is the tool to anticipate, detect and fix potential problems, many times, remotely.


The Kare generation has been designed with user comfort in mind. That’s why one of the factors in the design of this range was to equip all the dryers with the largest door dimensions on the market. Also, the direction of opening can be adjusted on the post (in the 11 to 35 kg models) by simply rotating the front panel and adding a longer cable. All models can have their doors adjusted to open in the opposite direction in the factory. This makes loading and unloading of the dryer easier and more ergonomic. Dryers also include a larger sized stainless steel lint filter which is more ergonomic and easy to clean.


OPL – Self-service

The machines can be converted from OPL to Selfservice and vice versa from the TP2 control. Models with Easy Control can also be converted


Wet Cleaning

Fagor offers you the most flexible solution on the market for putting a Wet Cleaning solution into practice. Machines are flexible; both washing machines and dryers offer the possibility of creating different programme phases with the custom parameters required by each supplier of wet cleaning industry detergent. It is a flexible business proposal, given that Fagor has previously cooperated with the most reputable chemical companies in the world, and has tested programmes for specific detergents in advance. Therefore, you can continue to cooperate with your detergent supplier and the products will be immediately integrated into your Fagor Washing Machines.


Stainless Drum

The efficiently designed stainless steel drums in the Kare Concept, Advance and Advance Plus ranges provide superior quality and durability.


Soft Touch

In line with Fagor Professional’s effectiveness and sustainability standards, all dryers in the Kare range include a perforated drum that guarantees the delicate treatment of clothing and, therefore, extending their useful life.


Fire Kare System

The fire prevention system is included in the ADVANCE PLUS range as standard, and is an option in the ADVANCE range of Kare generation dryers. It is instantly activated in case of fire within the dryer basket, providing users with maximum safety.


Automatic Reverse Rotation

All models offer reverse rotation of the drum. This makes the drying process more efficient and it offers greater uniformity in the clothes drying process. It also prevents clothes from becoming tangled.


Efficient Airflow

All models offer a large, ergonomic lint filter and improved airflow. These features, together with the innovative stainless steel filter pan and the option to incorporate a larger than normal filter diameter (0.3 mm) provide increased drying efficiency.


Mixed Flow

The new axial-radial airflow system in the Kare range increases efficiency throughout the whole drying process thanks to improved airflow inside the drum.


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