UNION 18kg – XP-8018E

The achievements of a leadership which has lasted for over 40 years are clearly reflected in the new UNION XL and XP 8000 Series machines.
Innovation and safety initiatives, leading to faster production, lower maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption, easy to use control devices and robust environmental protection. These are the characteristics which make the UNION XL-XP 8000 Series the ideal machine for the professional user.
The XP and XL 8000 Series machines are the outcome of a project at the forefront of technology built on many years of research and development enclosing the most highly developed and productive machine within an extremely small footprint.
Think about shops where every last inch of space is vital. All of this translates into low installation and running costs while demonstrating new standards of quality and performance.


XL-XP 8000 – EN – 2

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