FIRBIMATIC 18kg – L2118

The Ecogreen series of machines is designed for washing with alternative solvents. EcoGreen™ models are available in both rigid and hanging basket versions, with load capacities from 18 kg up to 40 kg.

The advantage of using EcoGreen™ models lies in the flexibility of being able to use any alternative solvent belonging to Class III without having to make changes in the structure of the machines.

To be able to use a different alternative solvent simply requires changing the washing programs in the Smart™ computer, and the machine is ready to be used with the new solvent. The Hydro-Vac™ two-stage fractional distillation system provides a superior solvent by conveying the first condensate to a primary water separator.

Specific probes allow automatic discharge of any amount of water that should form during distillation. A quantity of solvent mixed with water is then introduced into the prewash of the next cycle to improve the removal of water-soluble stains and thus obtain an excellent cleaning result.



Firbimatic Ecogreen – Multisolvent-2

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