Spencer Systems operate the largest team of mobile service technicians in Australia responding to the maintenance and installation needs of our dry-cleaning and smaller commercial/industrial laundry customers. We will respond to service calls to our service telephone number 24 hours/7 days. The team is supported by our spare parts support personnel and warehouse in Sydney holding almost $1 million in parts. We support all machinery types and brands, specialising in the maintenance of dry-cleaning machines, laundry washers and driers, steam boilers ( gas, fuel, or electric), finishing machinery for garments (shirt presses, trouser presses, jacket and blouse formers etc). Also maintenance and upgrading of steam reticulation systems. We will provide repair service to these, (and others not listed where possible).
    • DRY-CLEANING MACHINES: Union, Firbimatic, Realstar, Renzacci, Suprema, Bowe, Multimatic
    • WASHERS: Fagor, Oasis, Infinity, Girbau, Milnor, Ipso, Primus, Washex, Unimac, Dexter
    • DRIERS: Fagor, Cissell, Oasis, American Dryer ADC, Girbau, Speed Queen, Ipso, Huebsch, Primus, Dexter
    • BOILERS/STEAM GENERATORS: Fulton, Alfarel, Simons, Fumagalli, Jumag, Thermotech/East Coast
    • SHIRT MACHINES: Sankosha, Barbanti, Itsumi, Unipress, Veit
    • PANTS TOPPERS: Sankosha, Barbanti, Forenta, Veit, Itsumi
    • JACKET/OTHER FORMERS: Sankosha, Barbanti, Unipress, Veit, Pony, Cissell

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